Our program

Learn the fastest way

Our programs are based on research and validated by entrepreneurial know-how. As a result, we have designed a two stage program; a 84-day validation and preparation stage, followed by a 84-day sustainable growth stage.

The first stage is divided into two parallel processes, which form the Acceleration Academy. Startups launch into our business ecosystem and working on both personal growth and developing their business.

Even if you are a born entrepreneur, learning, good preparation and sharing experiences is key to your business success. With our Acceleration Academy track, we challenge entrepreneurs on the thriving journey ahead.


Accelerating you
and your business

Next to the learning and development, our program is all about accelerated growth and getting new business on the road. From day one, the startup teams start conversations with customers and partners that have embraced the mission of our Connectivity Accelerator.

Learning by doing will be the way forward: we provide the tools, instructions and support. You’ll get ready to experiment with famous approaches. Next to this we provide the support of customer development, sales, IP, legal foundations, growth projections, marcom and scaling up. Not only that, entrepreneurs and executives share, on a regular basis, the success, failure  and learning experiences.

With our partners we created a strong coalition that can foster the development and introduction of your startups solutions. Not only that,these corporates can also be seen as development partners. They have valuable expertise and support that are put to use to help our startups throughout the program.


From seed to VC

We invest €15.000 in cash in the selected startups and offer them a place in our extensive acceleration program in return for 8% equity in the startups.

Startups often get trapped between being busy and making general progress, instead of intentionally driving down the path towards a investments. Most of the time the search for funding starts with “we have about 4 months of cash left, it’s time to raise money”.

We are in the middle of a region that’s called Startup Delta for a reason. With our Connectivity Accelerator we’ve activated the investors ranging from angel investors to venture capitalists. For startups that are well prepared for the journey ahead and that are determined to make it happen, access to capital should not be a dragging concern. Therefore, a group of committed informal investors is in place, who not only provide seed capital, but who are also closely involved with the programs as mentor.


World Startup Factory

We believe impact driven startups are of increasing importance to develop successful solutions for societal and environmental challenges. Therefore, we accelerate the growth of startups who are passionate about solving these challenges. We do this by providing access to funding, mentorship, an extensive international network and expert support.

To fulfill this goal, we partner up with investors and corporates. On one hand, group of informal investors connected to the program provide seed funding for the startups in the program, in exchange for equity. On the other hand, partners provide funding and support for the execution of the program.


Creating shared value