Our core added value
is getting the right people
on board

World Startup Factory Impact Accelerator 2017

World Startup Factory is dedicated to helping founders build successful ventures with positive impact by investing, exploring and learning together.

Building a thriving new enterprise takes a lot more than a 3-minutes pitch to investors. Helping founders takes more than casual feedback over a single cup of coffee. It takes passion, skills, knowledge and endurance from all the stakeholders to go from a zero to something far beyond. At World Startup Factory we gather the bright and passionate who dare to take this journey with us.

Our core added value is getting the right people on board. We believe nowadays’ markets, technologies and challenges ask for strategic collaboration on every aspect of a venture. That’s why we extend and continuously test the boundaries of our international community to make sure we can connect the right people to the impact startups we deeply care about.

  • Rogier Buck
    Rogier Buck Co-author The Startup Funding Book & Investment Assistant
  • Borna Mahovlic
    Borna Mahovlic Events
  • Marie Kirpach
    Marie Kirpach Stakeholder Relations
  • Sergey Gridin
    Sergey Gridin Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Anastasiia Koreneva
    Anastasiia Koreneva Marketing & Communication
  • Aditya Putta
    Aditya Putta Program Coordinator
  • Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen
    Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen Co-Founder & Acceleration Manager
  • Egbert Ottevanger
    Egbert Ottevanger Co-Founder & Acceleration Manager
  • Mathijs Koper
    Mathijs Koper Co-Founder & Acceleration Manager
  • Daniël Steginga Technology & Design
  • Berry Tanis
    Berry Tanis Non-executive Director
  • Jan Verkooijen
    Jan Verkooijen Investment Lead
  • Herman de Boer
    Herman de Boer Non-executive Director
  • Lousewies van der Laan
    Lousewies van der Laan Advisory Board
  • Hans Biesheuvel
    Hans Biesheuvel Advisory Board
  • Carolijn Hawinkels
    Carolijn Hawinkels Advisory Board
  • Bart Weijermars
    Bart Weijermars Advisory Board
  • Max Remerie
    Max Remerie Advisory Board

About The Hague

The Netherlands is renowned as the gateway to Europe and one of the most connected societies in the world. We introduce an international launching customer community, a vibrant group of technology partners and provide access to capital – also for later stages. Alongside, we offer great facilities and advantages of establishing your company in the Netherlands.

The Hague, the international city of Peace and Justice, is home to The Hague Security Delta, Europe’s largest safety and security cluster.
The Hague, an international city of peace and justice, represents a unique hub that connects startups with governments, international companies, research centers, studios, and thousands of creative entrepreneurs. Together with Impact City The Hague we work on social and global challenges and boister “impact economy”.



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