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Impact Accelerator

We help founders accelerate their business with an intensive 30 days bootcamp, followed by 5 months of customized support to increase success in their market. We offer a personal approach with a focus on customer development and strategic partnerships. Turn to us if you are a team of entrepreneurs working on solutions for a better world.

Since 2015

40 participations

World Startup Factory started in 2015 and so far build a portfolio of 40 participations in thriving startups with future-proof solutions. We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors with extensive networks in Dutch and European markets. Our offices are located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Our support

The deal

We think entrepreneurship and new business play a crucial role in developing a more sustainable, humane and livable world. If you take up a significant challenge, we are willing to support you all the way. Our basic offer is 15.000 euro investment and tailored support in return for 8% equity of your company. World Startup Factory is a official accredited Startup Visa Facilitator in The Netherlands and can support foreign non EU founders with growing their business in Europe.


World Startup Factory is part of a network of startup-oriented organisations that know how hard it is to set up a successful business from scratch and are eager to help out our founders with pilots, knowledge, business insights, training and practical resources.

Do you want to be part of this community of like minded startup-fans who jointly support the growth of impact startups in The Netherlands and beyond?

Acceleration partners

Service partners

Network partners


Our unique models offers investors the opportunity to invest at the start of our programs. Meet some of the investors in our portfolio startups.

VenturesOne, InnovationQuarter, Stichting Heid, LIOF


To train and support our startups, we developed an extensive portfolio of training modules, workshops and tools. These are also available to others.

Our Academy provides tailormade programs for corporates, governmental organisations and universities that either work with startups or want their employees or students to acquire startup skills.


We work with a carefully selected group of mentors. Each of them have a fast experience in relevant business sectors and know what to takes to start from scratch with innovative propositions. Meet some of our mentors.

  • Albert Groenewoud
    Albert Groenewoud Mentor
  • Alessia Padalino
    Alessia Padalino Mentor
  • David Marks
    David Marks Mentor
  • Govert Meijer
    Govert Meijer Mentor
  • Jaap van der Zwan
    Jaap van der Zwan Mentor
  • Jelle Turkstra
    Jelle Turkstra Mentor
  • Karin Croon
    Karin Croon Mentor
  • Loic Driebeek
    Loic Driebeek Mentor
  • Maarten Oostenbrink
    Maarten Oostenbrink Mentor
  • Robert Neeleman
    Robert Neeleman Mentor
  • Valentijn de Jong
    Valentijn de Jong Mentor


Our in-house academy is organized around customer development, business planning and communications. We are constantly improving the quality and impact of our trainings together with our team of trainers.

  • Arthur van de Graaf
    Arthur van de Graaf Customer Development
  • Jonathan Talbott Pitching and Presenting
  • Maja Grcic
    Maja Grcic Business Planning


  • Aditya Putta
    Aditya Putta Sourcing Lead
  • Egbert Ottevanger
    Egbert Ottevanger Founder
  • Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen
    Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen Founder
  • Hub Jongen
    Hub Jongen Accelerator Lead
  • Jan Verkooijen
    Jan Verkooijen Founder
  • Mathijs Koper
    Mathijs Koper Founder
  • Merel Koolen
    Merel Koolen Community & Communications Lead
  • Sapna Bhatia Dass
    Sapna Bhatia Dass Legal
  • Sergey Gridin
    Sergey Gridin Operations Lead

Advisory Board

  • Bart Weijermars
    Bart Weijermars Advisory Board
  • Carolijn Hawinkels
    Carolijn Hawinkels Advisory Board
  • Hans Biesheuvel
    Hans Biesheuvel Advisory Board
  • Lousewies van der Laan
    Lousewies van der Laan Advisory Board
  • Max Remerie
    Max Remerie Advisory Board

International Business Agent

  • Bogdan Gavaza
    Bogdan Gavaza International Business Agent
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