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You can apply for a position in our portfolio anytime. We believe in a personal approach with tailor-made support that can start when you need it. We do run several programs per year to give founders additional training to run their businesses. To stimulate peer-to-peer support each program has a focus on a specific theme but is carefully designed to help ventures in any market.

Upcoming accelerators

In 2019, World Startup Factory aims to run accelerators on Food (Foodstars), Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Cities and Smart Industry.

For each of these accelerators there will be 8-12 seats available for the best startups. You will accelerate your venture through a 6 month program, together with your peers, the World Startup Factory team and relevant industry partners. The program consists of a 1 month bootcamp, followed by a 5 month acceleration phase, during which you will have the one on one support of your own acceleration manager and mentor.

Hands-on and tailored to your needs

We aim to increase the sustainability of your business. We believe this starts with a clear understanding of the added value for your customers, preferably through pilots or actual sales. Our programs start with goal setting and in-depth analyses of your business. What is your status? What do you need? What do the upcoming 6 months look like?

During 30 days of intensive training, you will learn to take the next steps in customer development, business planning and communications. What is your proposition? How do you structure your business and the upcoming months and years? How do you engage clients, investors, partners  and employees? We provide a mentor who will primarily focus on your business development. If required, we will offer additional coaches and business developers.

After the first 30 days, World Startup Factory offers tailored support for the next 5 months. In this period, we work together with you and your mentor to start pilots, build strategic partnerships and convince investors.

Why World Startup Factory

World Startup Factory aims at helping founders build successful ventures with positive impact by exploring, learning and investing together. We contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and stimulate economic growth when startups lead sustainable development.

Impact Accelerator is about creating shared value. Startups benefit from personalised mentorship, extensive access to our network, peer-to-peer learning and investment opportunities. In order to help impact driven startups to improve the quality of life and economic diversity in The Hague and beyond, we have built a strong community of over 1000 international startups, 40 coaches and experts, 100 investors and 50 regional partners and companies. This ecosystem is a unique playground where founders can apply innovative solutions for social challenges by working closely with our corporate partners and governmental bodies.

Why The Hague – ImpactCity?

The Hague is the first ImpactCity in the world. ImpactCity is the startup and scale-up community of The Hague. We help innovative entrepreneurs to start successful and grow their businesses. We open doors to investors and offer access to a comprehensive business network, inspiring company locations, international trade missions, and competitions.

ImpactCity helps startups and scale-ups that deliver a societal contribution by offering various services. We believe that economic success goes hand in hand with solutions for a better world. We call this ‘doing good & doing business’. ImpactCity helps organisations with doing business.

To effectively address global challenges, public and private partnerships are formed on themes such as safety, humanitarian innovation, sustainability, renewable energy, and food. These are the challenges for the future.

About our region

Ready to boost your business in Europe? Start here, in South Holland! A unique delta region in the Netherlands containing no less than 60 municipalities, 3 renowned universities, and a strong international business community with a truly entrepreneurial spirit. Not only has South Holland a superior logistics and digital infrastructure, but also a competitive tax climate and a highly educated and multilingual workforce. Through high living standards, the region ensures an excellent quality of life.InnovationQuarter has a dedicated team in place to assist you – free of charge – on (re)locating and expanding your business to South Holland.

About the Startup Ecosystem in The Netherlands

We are the world’s most connected economy, so logically we have always been a natural test-bed of inventions. You could even say we are the gateway to the rest of the world: when it works in The Netherlands, it works anywhere on the planet. Leading multinationals are based in The Netherlands, providing an easy way to validate ideas across Europe.

Suppose you actually decide to start your business here… what are the next steps? How should you go about setting up your business properly? What taxes will you have to pay and what’s actually involved in running a business in the Netherlands? If you have any questions like these, our National Point of Entry is there to help you out. For those of you who have already decided, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to start your business in the Netherlands. So please enjoy the Orange Carpet for a smooth take-off.

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