Will you take the sustainability of our metropoles to the next level?

Growing populations in cities worldwide demand a huge amount of resources and create intense polluting in and around city limits. Millions of people have major concerns about plastic waste in our oceans, unbound air pollution, high CO2 emissions, waste of construction materials and many other challenges.

We need new materials, new logistics, better natural resources for energy, zero-emission mobility, circular food systems and many more innovations to change the curves.

After a series of accelerators in the smart cities, smart buildings, mobility and food arenas we decided it’s time to step up on our impact goals and launch the Sustainable Cities Accelerator together with our community of partners.

We invite the startups who are working on pieces of this puzzle to step forward. You can join our accelerator to increase the chance of running a successful business with a real impact for a better world. We are looking for startups in various areas like mobility, food, energy, housing and water management.

Program Timeline

Bootcamp (19 Nov 2018 to 14 Dec 2018)

In a 30 days period starting on the 19th of November, startups get personalised training from our experts in business planning, financial forecasting, customers development and communications. Moreover, startups participate in networking events and master classes, where they get valuable insights on specific topics and meet other players in the Dutch startup ecosystem.

Some of the master classes are open for public. Block your agenda and see you at the following Afterwork sessions:

27 Nov 2018 (17:00-18:30) | Afterwork
Building a Sales Funnel in the Netherlands by Jeroen Boevé, interviewed by Gerrit Jan, World Startup Factory at The Hague Tech

03 Dec 2018 (17:00-18:30) | Afterwork
Grants & subsidies by Ugoo at Apollo 14

07 Dec 2018 (17:00-18:30) | Afterwork
Intellectual property by EP&C and Boekx advocaten at The Hague Tech

12 Dec 2018 (17:00-18:30) | WSF Afterwork
Done by our Startups at The Hague Tech

Validation Phase (7 Jan to 15 Mar 2019)

This phase is a 2.5 months period where startups validate their solutions in their local market and/or in The Netherlands. They get personal assistance from their acceleration managers and our community of dedicated mentors.

New Business Summit is an essential element of the validation process. This event is a realisation of our belief that in order to solve pressing societal problems the most effective businesses of today need to stem from an alignment of efforts amongst entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, SMEs, research institutions, and governments.

Acceleration Phase  (18 Mar to 31 May 2019)

The last phase is the Acceleration phase. This is a 2.5 months period where startups get connected to their potential clients, partners and investors based on the results of the validation phase. During the entire program, startups are supported by a personal acceleration manager and A mentor who conducts regular meetings with them.

Presentation Day is an event to help startups reach their set goals. More details will follow soon.

World Startup Factory

We help founders accelerate their business with an intensive 30 days bootcamp, followed by 5 months of customised support to increase success in their market. We offer a personal approach with a focus on customer development and strategic partnerships.

World Startup Factory started in 2015 and over the years build a portfolio of 40+ thriving startups with future-proof solutions. We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors with an extensive network in the Dutch and European market. Our office is located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

We think entrepreneurship and new businesses play a crucial role in developing a more sustainable, humane and liveable world. Our basic offer is an investment of €15.000 and tailored support in return for 8% equity of your company. World Startup Factory is an official accredited Startup Visa Facilitator in The Netherlands and can support foreign non-EU founders with growing their business in Europe.



uHoo Air

uHoo Air is an indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system that brings health, safety and energy saving to commercial and residential buildings.

“World Startup Factory has been instrumental in introducing uHoo to various companies in the the Netherlands with whom we are able to do business with”


XGear is the next generation data aggregation and predictive analytics platform for carefree fleet management.

“World Startup Factory was a game changer for XGear. We entered the program with a product and finished it with real business opportunities and seed funding by one of the best possible investors in the Dutch ecosystem”


Decible.Live sets out to protect and improve the environment as a valuable shared asset for everyone in the world by shaping environmentally sustainable corporate practices.

‘‘World Startup Factory played a pivotal role in developing our business and communication strategies. We were able to complete the engineering verification of our prototypes thanks to WSF!’’

Our community

World Startup Factory is part of a network of startup-oriented organisations that know how hard it is to set up a successful business from scratch and are eager to help out founders with pilots, knowledge, business insights, training and practical resources.

Spie, KPN, FoodStars, VenturesOne, WeShare, Impact City The Hague, De Mannen van Schuim, TU Delft, The Hague University, TNO, ESA, Rotterdam, MRDH, InnovationQuarter, WNF, KIVI, Province of Zuid-Holland, and many others.


Final selection and signed agreement – 22th of October 2018
Start Bootcamp – 19th of November 2018
New Business Summit – 7th of February 2019
Presentation Day – 23th of May 2018


There is an ongoing application process for our annual accelerators. Don’t wait, apply for Sustainable Cities Accelerator and FoodStars Accelerator now!”

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