Healthy and Circular Buildings

Buildings today are complex concatenations of structures, systems, and technology. Although the purpose is not that different from first primitive shelters made from sticks and stones – to provide comfortable and safe space for their inhabitants, today’s building owners are also looking for ways to boost occupants’ productivity (via lighting, thermal comfort, air quality, security and more), cut the costs, and make impact on global environment.

The vision of future, where buildings fulfill multiple missions, are connected in a dynamic way and integrated into the circular economy, drives us to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs who aspire to design new solutions. Reaching this vision is possible with a combination of domain-specific knowledge, access to international networks of customers and investors, and cooperation with the government.

Our accelerator is fitted to provide selected startups with launching customers, expert mentoring, growth capital, and lively networks. With smart building standing in the center of the future world how we see it, there are more breakthroughs to be made.

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Our Experts and Mentors

  • Maarten Oostenbrink
    Maarten Oostenbrink Journey mentor
  • David Marks
    David Marks Journey mentor
  • Albert Groenewoud
    Albert Groenewoud Journey mentor
  • Govert Meijer
    Govert Meijer Journey mentor
  • Jaap van der Zwan
    Jaap van der Zwan Journey mentor
  • Alessia Padalino
    Alessia Padalino Journey mentor
  • Karin Croon
    Karin Croon Journey mentor
  • Valentijn de Jong
    Valentijn de Jong Journey mentor
  • Loic Driebeek
    Loic Driebeek Journey mentor
  • Constant van Kretschmar
    Constant van Kretschmar Journey mentor
  • Robert Neeleman
    Robert Neeleman Journey mentor
  • Jelle Turkstra
    Jelle Turkstra Journey mentor
  • Louk Notten
    Louk Notten Journey mentor
  • Cees de Jong
    Cees de Jong Journey mentor
  • Jeroen Boeve
    Jeroen Boeve Journey mentor
  • Gaby Wullink
    Gaby Wullink Branding
  • Gilles Tenhaeff
    Gilles Tenhaeff Customer Success
  • Ernesto Spruyt
    Ernesto Spruyt Customer Development
  • Nevlynn Janssen Smarketing (no, it's not a typo)
  • Denys Bertels
    Denys Bertels Trademarks
  • Xander Smit Lean Startup
  • Ralph van Puffelen
    Ralph van Puffelen Accountancy
  • Jason Saywood
    Jason Saywood Network Booster
  • Stefanie Bertram
    Stefanie Bertram Network Booster
  • Jan Willem ten Dam
    Jan Willem ten Dam IP & Patents
  • Simon Evenblij Sales & Market Validation
  • Jeffrey Broer
    Jeffrey Broer Sales & Market Validation
  • Anna Menenti
    Anna Menenti Impact City
  • Chris Out Growth Hacking
  • Gilles Meijer Investor Readiness
  • Reinier van den Drift
    Reinier van den Drift Strategic Partnerships
  • Bram van Hasselt
    Bram van Hasselt Strategy & Roadmapping
  • Roger Ottenheym
    Roger Ottenheym Financing
  • Richard Borsboom Business Modelling
  • Jeroen van Megchelen Business Development
  • Arthur Tolsma Business Development
  • Sebastian Hamers
    Sebastian Hamers Team
  • Jonathan Talbott Pitching and Presenting

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