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Biodiversity Accelerator

Entrepreneurship is all about creating value. A growing number of entrepreneurs use their innovative and creative skills to build businesses which grow and restore biodiversity. Their goal is to build a sustainable business which creates positive impact on our natural surroundings. Combining nature and business asks for new ways of doing business and the development of new business models.

Together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we have been investigating the needs of entrepreneurs in the field of nature and biodiversity. We have identified partners, potential investors and have scouted potential startups worldwide. Based on our experiences we are building an accelerator program which supports these entrepreneurs best and addresses their specific needs to grow their business.

At the moment we are validating an acceleration program among a first mover community. We are building a network of startups, partners and investors. Please send us an email if you interested to be part of this research.

Four founders that took up the biodiversity challenge in an entrepreneurial way, joined the debate about their strategies, goals and ambitions at Border Sessions Festival November 2015 in The Hague.



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