11 January - 21 April 2016

World Startup Factory (WSF) encourages impact driven entrepreneurs with innovative connectivity solutions and business models aimed at improving the quality of life. The Internet of Things is one of the key disruptive forces in the world today. Hence we support this new connected society to have a positive impact socially, economically and environmentally. Our Connectivity Accelerator is closed for applications! Follow us to learn about coming accelerator programs.



World Startup Factory welcomed entrepreneurs with a convincing proof of concept, an impact-driven business model with explicit use of connectivity technology to join our program in 2016. 9 startups will join us in The Hague for a 100 day acceleration program.

Our extensive startup academy provides funding, professional mentorship, commercial and technological support of industry leaders like Royal KPN, Huawei Technologies and SPIE Integrated Connectivity Solutions along with access to an international network of investors, corporate partners and launching customers in exchange for equity in your company.

We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who believe impact driven startups are of increasing importance to develop successful solutions for societal and environmental challenges. Our aim is to encourage value creation for all involved stakeholders through the accelerated growth of such carefully selected startups. In januari 2016, our first program with explicit focus on Connectivity startup takes off!

Note: The deadline was 14 October 2015



World Startup Factory is pleased and excited to announce the cohort of our first Connectivity Accelerator. These ten ventures start their accelerator journey at 11 January 2016 in The Hague and present their productservice on the Customer Plaza at March 30th and their business plans during the Investor Lounge at the 22nd of April.



XGear is a data aggregation and predictive analysis platform for vehicles; delivering accurate, real-time and actionable insights to drivers and enterprises. It is a ‘Fitbit’ for the automotive industry with an ability to predict the future.



With Ingenious (awarded as one of the most promising startups of Turkey) you can easily have a smart home, starting at only $ 199. And the best part is, you can get your own smart home system just in one click on the internet or at the nearest technology market.


The Netherlands

Motortourer is the world’s first B2B-2C platform, purpose built to connect the motorcycling industry to bikers all around the world.



Make motherhood easy to achieve by putting connected sensors on gynecological devices women will mind love not chasing ovulation



Blupath is the award winning platform that streamlines proximity based communications within any location using beacon, wifi, cloud, and other technologies.

Connective Floors

The Netherlands

An intelligent instrumented floor system with dynamic sensor modules for 3D monitoring people’s position and orientation in space.


The Netherlands

Permanent living on temporary locations by downsizing the space and improving the quality of life. Built on 3 pilars: circular building system, connectivity technology and community. They provide ecological, low-energy social-inclusive housing for affordable prices, where and when needed.


The Netherlands

BeepBeep Parking simply helps people find parking spaces in big cities. In a world where technology allows for certainty, why do we still leave parking up to chance?



Monitor and control the heating and all your electrical appliances in a few clicks even from distance… Integrate with other modules, experience smart building solution and save money!


Creating shared value

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We at World Startup Factory love entrepreneurship and creating new thriving business. We have a passion for helping startups and creating new business with impact. Our team comprises of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors who are supported by enthusiastic professionals and outliers.

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