8 November 2016 - 16 February 2017

We love entrepreneurship and creation of new thriving businesses. We believe that impact-driven companies are of growing importance to develop successful solutions for societal and environmental challenges. Therefore, we accelerate startups who are passionate about addressing these issues.



Connectivity Accelerator #2 consists of 4 phases: Check, Plan, Act and Grow. In these phases, startups work to improve themselves on 7 platforms: Product & Business Case, Business Model, Roadmap & Strategies, Resources, Communication, Strategic Partners and Monitoring.

Phase 1: Check (day 1 – 14)
World  Startup Factory organizes 7 sessions, which cover 7 platforms. During these sessions, with the guidance of experts and the World Startup Factory team, startups reflect on their past journey and self-assess their current stage and status.

Our focus is to provide an environment in which startups are comfortable to be vulnerable and honest about what they are NOT good at, knowing that acknowledging their points of improvement is an important part of growth.

Phase 2: Plan (day 15 – 30)
With the insights from Phase 1, startups together with their mentors talk 1-on-1 to decide on startups’ objectives and goals for the accelerator program, as well as the building blocks and activities that they would like to attend in the next phase. This phase is crucial, as it sets the basis for all subsequent actions.

Phase 3: Act (day 31 – 84)
In this phase, startups attend the expert sessions they chose with the help from their mentors in phase 2. Startups ‘get real’ with the understanding that the time is limited and that they can only learn by actually doing.

During the act phase the startups work on growing their business, through a combination of learning and getting ‘real’ in the outside world. Experts will take leading role in helping startups with their development. Startups have room to choose and focus on the building blocks that fit their needs at best.

Phase 4: Grow (day 85 – 168)
After making the most out of the expert sessions provided to them in Phase 3, startups are ready to embark on the journey towards sustainable growth! Namely, startups will be taking a lot of action in pursuing the strategic partnerships and investor leads. Sustainable development constitutes a perfect outcome of the phase.



We are excited to announce the cohort of our second Connectivity Accelerator. These nine ventures started their accelerator journey on 8 November 2016 in The Hague.



Smart lock that lets you to control your door through your smartphone.


The Netherlands

A daily cycling tracker that inspires you to cycle through building up motivation.



EzyCities turns your hobbies into fantastic and profitable experiences and lets you share them with everyone in your city.

Fracktal Labs


Hardware, embedded firmware and software prototyping to help you realize your ideas rapidly without boundaries.


The Netherlands

GetOn helps local entrepreneurs measure and improve their online presence.


Italy and Slovenia

The only security system for cyclelogistics in the world.



Smart analytics for energy consumption of your building that helps be energy efficient.



The most advanced indoor air toxin sensor.


Building up knowledge
and Skills

Business development is an essential part of startup journey. That is why we value our experts so much: by sharing unique insights and real-life experiences they bring startups closer to reaching their full potential.


Creating shared value