Challenge the way we feed people in our metropoles

Agricultural investments and innovation are crucial to achieving a sustainable food production in the future. They will create opportunities for urbanized communities, in both developed and emerging markets, to meet the growing food demands from cities.

It is quite remarkable that the Netherlands as one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world can sustain its own population. It is, in fact, one big metropolitan area. The Dutch entrepreneurial playing field, characterized by limited availability of land, high population density, high labour and production cost, demanding consumers and growing public awareness about environmental- and animal welfare issues, has pushed the Dutch agri-food sector to be highly innovative, productive, technologically advanced, efficient and safe.

Within and together with this Dutch business ecosystem, accelerators World Startup Factory and iMPACT Booster have joined forces to set up Food Stars. Food Stars is a co-creation and innovation program for corporates and startups. Together we aim to bring to the market innovative agtech, horti and food solutions. In this way, we create more responsible production and consumption and contribute to goal #11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Food Stars successfully accelerates startups and intrapreneurial innovations within the agri, horti and food value chain. We focus especially on attracting international startups and innovations that are at the intersection of the agri-food sector and other industries, such as energy, water management, lighting, ICT, and the chemical industry. The real disruptive innovation will occur where there is a synergy between the agri-food sector and other industries.

Food Stars will boost 100 agri-food startups in the next five years. You can imagine what impact that will have. We believe entrepreneurship is one of the keys to solve many of the challenges the world is grappling with. We are convinced both startups and corporates play a crucial role in driving the innovation, often between and across sectors, that is needed to make our food production sustainable.

Requirements for participation

  • Startup or SME with an innovative service/product
  • Innovation in agri and or horticulture to feed the cities
  • Viable business model
  • Time-to-market within a maximum of two years
  • Technical proof of concept (TRL 5)
  • For foreign companies; willingness to register a Dutch legal entity

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This is a great time to work in the agri-food sector with rapid developments in many areas, such as genomics and big data. Join us to boost innovation to take advantage of these developments as best as we can to ensure food security for all in ways the planet can sustain into the future.

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Food Stars is an open platform and will bring together a broad coalition of companies, research centers and institutes, agro-food education, government and trade agencies and last but not least investors and financial institutions, to jointly accelerate innovative startups focussed on suburban farming. We believe everyone will benefit from the cross-fertilisation within Food Stars.

Food Stars is initiated by World Startup Factory and iMPACT Booster and partners that already joined are SvenssonBDO, and FlorPartners.

World Startup Factory

World Startup Factory is dedicated to helping founders build successful ventures with positive impact by exploring, learning and investing together.

World Startup Factory offers acceleration programs to impact startups. We aim to create value for all involved stakeholders by the accelerated growth of carefully selected startups through a solid program and thriving network.

iMPACT Booster

iMPACT Booster is a global business accelerator that brings startups with disruptive innovations to market in emerging countries with a special focus on the agri-food sector.

It runs a successful seven-month program (partly online) to accelerate selected companies to the level at which they become attractive for impact investors. iB has a strong global partner network and a pool of business development managers and coaches through its shareholders: ICCO Cooperation and Woord en Daad.

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