Who can promote you better than you? As a startup the owner, you are the best person to represent your voice to achieve success. Consumers and customers are more likely to purchase goods and services when there is a presence from the owner. You do not have to be the best public speaker in your industry or an expert in marketing. Successful Startup owners that master personal branding understand the power of personal branding and use a strategy to reach international audiences.

The Power of Personal Branding

Do you regularly check your online presence? According to SCRIBD “82% of buyers trust a company more when the CEO and senior leadership are active on social media.” Members of the C-suite that decide to hide their face, message and personal opinions on industry trends will inevitably lose potential customers to competitors. Here is a list of ways to connect with industry leaders and consumers online:

 Embrace your identity
 What you decide to share
 Social media strategy
 Be Consistent
 Find your voice

Our goal is to present these techniques for you to practice at once or select a few at a time.

Embrace Your Identity

Steve Jobs is a classic example of a CEO that was both liked and disliked by critics. He was comfortable to embrace the true essence of who he is and presented it to the world without being concerned with people’s opinions. It is important to identify who you are and the parts about your personality to share with the public. Be yourself. Avoid resembling the character of what is considered the norm. People can see through others when their intentions are ingenuine.

Decide How Much You Want to Share

Some startup owners share their personal lives on social media. Others prefer to keep it professional with a voice on the company website. Create a persona you can be proud to share with consumers and customers.

Strategic Planning

According to a Forbes article on Facebook, “if you post a mere 1-5 times a month, your clicks per post will almost double.” It is important to use the social media platforms where consumers in your industry and customers engage.

Consistency Produces Success

A CEO that starts vlogging once a week develops a following and disappears off the grid can be disregarded by the masses. Followers appreciate consistency; it can be considered by customers as a sign of loyalty and care for your clientele.

Focus on the analytics to find out when followers are online. Post your videos, blogs or content each day at that specific time with the help of social media scheduling platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite.

Find Your Voice

The meaning of finding your voice means deciding what you want to share. Here are a few ideas to share with consumers to acquaint your identity apart from your startup:

 Industry news
 Upcoming products and services
 Insight into industry forecasts
 Personal activities

The way to find out what your audience wants is to find out what matters to them. It can be revealed through an anonymous survey. Read the comments on your startup social media platforms. Read customers social media posts. An accumulation of this information will provide an outline on what you can publish.

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