A Startup Is Helping People Bathe Without Water

Bathing and Water are inseparable in our minds and certainly rooted deeply in our brains, which makes it difficult to imagine bathing may not need water. For thousands of years, we have symbolized water as a source of life and an agent of cleanliness in all cultures. We subconsciously believe that with no water, hygiene is unattainable but thanks to advanced biotechnology, Clensta has proven this notion wrong!

But How Can We Clean Ourselves Without Water?

Clensta, a startup from the third cohort of World Startup Factory’s Impact Accelerator invented a groundbreaking waterless technology. Clensta’s patented waterless technology has already produced shampoo and body bath solutions that require absolutely no water. The solutions work just like normal shampoos and body baths except that rinsing with water is not necessary thus saving over 70 liters of water per shower. It is perhaps difficult for many of us to imagine why we would need to bath without water so long as the ‘fluid of life’ runs through our city pipes but what about those with no access to water? What of those who must choose to either bathe or drink their limited supply or water? How can we let them suffer while turning a blind eye under our steaming hot showers?

It is understandably incomprehensible that our water supplies are running dry and soon we must face the reality that water is a resource we must conserve, use wisely and cherish. But until then, Clensta aims to make hygiene available to everyone in every corner of the globe. Based in The Hague, Clensta is working tirelessly with a team of researchers working on new products such as waterless toothpaste and a team of marketers to find areas where this exciting technology is needed in the world today.

If you are interested in finding out about Clensta and their global outreach efforts, you can visit www.clensta.com.

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