Joris Bijdendijk, chef of RIJKS, cooked together with top chef Nicolás López from restaurant Villanos and Bermuda on 12 January at ICCO´s Manqá event. The FoodStars founders Truvalu.startups and World Startup Factory were present at this event where the chefs combined their forces to raise money for Manq’a, the gastronomic schools established by ICCO and Claus Meyer (from The Nordic Food Movement and restaurant Noma).

ICCO´s programme Manq’a is playing an important role in Colombia’s peace-building process. Cooking and eating together can help: these are activities that bring people together in a way that is conducive to dialogue about the new Colombia, without violence and with a new identity. Nicolás Lopéz, one of the best chefs in Colombia, is a good example. He brings Colombian cuisine back to life and ensures that Colombians are proud of their culinary heritage again. At Manq’a schools young people from a wide variety of backgrounds come into contact with each other. Want to have a look in a Manq’a school? Have a look at the virtual website: Thanks for the amazing night!

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