It was great having you at the New Business Summit! Thank you for coming and making it a success.

On 19 January various actors (entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, SMEs, research institutions and government) came together to share different perspectives on how to tackle societal problems. 8 startups from World Startup Factory’s Connectivity Accelerator #2 used the opportunity to validate their approaches through fruitful discussion and dynamic co-creation. We learned how important it is for all groups of ecosystem actors to be well connected and have an opportunity to exchange their knowledge.

The event is an initiative of World Startup Factory and was organized in cooperation with Impact City The Hague at the New World Campus.

New Business Summit kick-offs with a keynote by Jeroen van der Sommen, the Co-Founder of Akvo and the former Managing Director of Netherlands Water Partnership. Jeroen shares the story of how Akvo has leveraged efforts from various sectors (public, private, and third sectors) on an international scale to offer sustainable, multifunctional water solutions for people, planet and profit worldwide.

Over 200 guests representing various industry sectors then had the opportunity to attend up to 2 of the 8 breakout sessions led by the startups from World Startup Factory’s Connectivity Accelerator #2. The topics ranged from urban cargo mobility, air quality monitoring, 3D printing and product design, healthy lifestyle, home energy saving, to bringing businesses online, all made possible by smart technology.

The event concluded with Impact City The Hague’s Innovators Challenge 2017, which awarded prizes of 3.000 – 30.000 Euros to the best innovative ideas and projects, with the keynote given by the Deputy Mayor of The Hague Karsten Klein. As a separate track, the Investor Carousel was happening where selected startups from all over the world had the chance to talk to the interested investors from World Startup Factory’s network. “In the Hague we believe in the freedom of experimenting. Pioneering can’t exist without experiments. Some may fail, some may succeed. That is why we have introduced the Hague Innovators Challenge. “ – says Alderman Karsten Klein.

Throughout the event, while the startups could validate their solutions, the guests initiated conversations that opened up major avenues for future collaborations and partnerships. We learned that through sharing the experiences and communicating with each other the startups and greater community can effectively address various societal challenges.

World Startup Factory is looking forward to organizing more startup & ecosystem events in the future to provide a platform where new synergies can arise and the societal problems can be effectively tackled via innovation.

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