Paztir Launches Optimisation System for Cycle Logistics

The International Cargo Bike Festival, Tempelhof, Berlin

At the International Cargo Bike Festival, 14th of April, Paztir, the startup from the second cohort of World Startup Factory’s Impact Accelerator, announced the launch of their revolutionary optimisation system for cycle logistics. Relying on a combination of software and hardware, Paztir automates bike and box locks helping delivery companies save up to 30 minutes daily per bike; tracks assets to keep them safe; manages access; and provides useful insights to further optimise performance.

The system comes in two different flavours, Connected and Offline; scaling up or down is possible at any time. The hardware part of the Paztir system consists of a Controller attached to the bike and a Beacon, which riders keep on their person.

The Controller – a tough, IP65-rated weatherproof box – is the heart of the system, automatically controlling the locks. In the Connected system, the Controller also sends and receives commands and data such as status and location. The Beacon is a handy, light token which acts as an access key. When the Beacon is in proximity to the Controller, unlocking is possible; otherwise the bike and box remain safely locked.

Software-wise, the Paztir Service App allows operators to configure their Controllers. For Connected systems, there is also a Paztir Web App for daily use by Fleet Managers for routing, tracking, status, remote locking and performance management; and Paztir Cloud App, in which the cloud communication settings can be configured.

The Lock Automation feature allows riders to shave 20 valuable seconds off each delivery or collection. For a typical operator this adds up to a saving of up to 30 minutes per day. But as well as speed, security is also of paramount important for cycle logistics operators. For this reason, Paztir includes built in features such as Force Impact Recognition, Audible Notifications and Battery cut-off Alarm, keeping packages, bikes and riders safe.

The system is both robust and elegant – giving cycle logistics operators the confidence they need to concentrate on building trust with their client base. Meanwhile back at base, the Paztir system is designed to streamline day-to-day fleet management tasks. The Paztir Web App gives Fleet Managers a remote, cloud-connected overview, allowing them to easily create Performance Reports and carry out User Management tasks such as Asset Tracking and Access Control.

“We’re delighted to announce the release of the revolutionary Optimisation System for Cycle Logistics today in Berlin at the International Cargo Bike Festival.” said Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Paztir CEO “After an intensive testing period with cycle logistics operators, cargo bike and cargo box producers, the outcome is a market-ready system which is guaranteed to make deliveries by bike faster, safer and more transparent than ever before.”

Jure Vižintin, Paztir Product Developer, said: “After a lot of research and testing we’ve built a product that cycle logistics operators can use to track and protect their assets in a simple and efficient way. But this is just the beginning; the information from devices will help us understand the problems, patterns and behaviours in last-mile delivery. Then we can build the future.”

Ralph Hollenstein of cycle logistics operator Pedal Piraten, said: “I often open the Paztir app and check to see if I’m still keeping up with other riders on my team. I like to compare the distance and number of deliveries we make.”

“We believe most of our clients will soon require their delivery vehicles to be tracked and remotely managed.” said Stefan Rickmeyer, CEO of cargo bike manufacturer Radkutsche “
With Paztir we can already meet 
this demand.”

Press contact:
Nerina Čorbadžić
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Company contact:
Paztir B.V. , Boschstraat 21 A, 6211AS Maastricht, The Netherlands
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About Paztir
Paztir was founded in 2017 by Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Jure Vižintin, Jurij Čelešnik and Nerina Čorbadžić, and is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Our mission is simple: we want to make cargo bikes competitive enough to become a significant and permanent part of last-mile logistics. To see how, visit the website at

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