• The ECLF Conference in Vienna where PAZTIR showcased their innovative cycle logistics solution was a great success for the company. PAZTIR gathered very valuable knowledge and made important connections with prominent businesses from the industry. As a result, they’re scheduling 6 pilot projects across Europe for April/May. To ensure a successful roll-out of the pilots, PAZTIR is searching for seed money of €60,000 in total. Come in contact.


  • uHoo offers an indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system to bring health, safety and energy savings in commercial and residential spaces. A specific designed sensor offers continuous IAQ with real-time feedback on a display and proactive indoor air management. There is already traction in the market based on real use cases. Investment is needed to develop a digital platform to access all information at any time and for further commercialization. Come in contact.



  • ByCycling gave an interview to Fast Company. Check this link and learn about how the startup is going to boost our health and productivity!


  • GetOn is looking for meeting early stage investors with a background in ICT. They are currently focusing on the retail sector, but their tool is easily scalable to other sectors. Come in contact.


  • On Monday, 3 April Blupath will be officially handed over a project that they run in an outdoors Sculpture Park in Limassol by the city mayor. Read the article about the project by following this link. Using the Infopoint system and Blupath platform, an outdoor open air art museum was transformed into a digital engagement experience. Using discrete outdoor connectivity technologies, it is now possible to connect with visitors in the park, and allow them to access rich information about the art on display in the park, including artist interviews, photographic material from constructions, and details about the vision behind each piece. The project used the Blupath platform to coordinate multiple, discreet, connectivity technologies installed in the park, so as to ensure that every single visitor to the park was able to access this digital information, while minimizing maintenance and upkeep costs for the Municipality, and protecting the particular aesthetics of the park.
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