Jonathan TalbottPitching and Presenting

Jonathan Talbott is a presentation specialist with a background in classical music, marketing, and education. He grew up in America, the land of image, polish and advertising. He moved to The Netherlands in 1995.

After listening to far too many boring presentations, Jonathan decided to use his experience in the performing arts (Jonathan used to be a successful violin player) to help people. So he started Talbott International Presentations (TIP), a presentation agency that specializes in the structure and delivery of pitches and presentations intended for the international stage.

He helps clients with all aspects of their presentations, from concept to execution and beyond, including polishing their English (unless the presentation is in Dutch).

In his musical career Jonathan creatively solves presentation problems on stage, video and recordings. With TIP he does the same in the business world. He helps presenters, storytellers and salespeople express their points simply, effectively and powerfully.

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