World Startup Factory Impact Accelerator 2017

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World Startup Factory is a startup accelerator dedicated to help founders build successful ventures with positive impact by exploring, learning and investing together.


Making the cities around the globe more resilient to the infrastructure, connectedness, and population’s health challenges posed by the 21st century.


Addressing security challenges and spurring the economic growth both internationally and locally by introducing innovative safety solutions designed by startups.


Providing comfortable and safe space for inhabitants today means looking for ways to boost occupants’ productivity, cutting the costs and making impact on global environment.


Rethinking and looking deeper into the customer’s demand for a healthy lifestyle and developing new personalized approaches to both care and cure.


Facing transportation and logistics’ challenges and revolutionizing the way vehicles function, the way we interact with them, and the way we commute via computers and sensors.

World Startup Factory
Impact Accelerator

Are you down with the 2030 global goals to transition to a low-carbon economy? Can you make the human population healthier? Do you have what it takes to create livable cities? We are looking for startup like yours to accelerate. We are the accelerator for startup with focus on big solutions with positive impact. Check out our five verticals in the upcoming Impact Accelerator programme and apply.

  • World Startup Factory has been instrumental in introducing uHoo to various companies in the Netherlands with whom we are able to do business with.

    Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng uHoo Founder
  • World Startup Factory was a game changer for XGear, We entered the program with a product and finished it with real business and seed funding by one of the best possible investors in the Dutch ecosystem.

    Kamran Shahid Butt CTO XGear
  • The Hague is the place for startups and companies that focus on social and technological innovations with international impact. By investing together in a good business climate for startups and innovative entrepreneurs, we ensure further economic growth and employment.

    Karsten Klein Deputy Mayor of The Hague, partner
  • Europe is uniquely positioned to be a true global entrepreneurship powerhouse - talent, diversity, scale and stability - the perfect ingredients for startups and regions to thrive.

    Igor Tasic Founder and CEO Startup Europe Week, network partner

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